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Compaction, Efficiency
– better economy...

Pack-Tainers covers all facets of the wool handling Industry from receipt of standard size wool bales from the primary producer, to providing specialised Warehousing, Super Density Compacting, Container Packing and Transportation.

Versatility is a key element with Pack-Tainers. There is a choice of Double or Triple module compaction to suit the individual requirements of shippers and overseas mills.

Pack-Tainers innovation and refinement of the dumping process effectively compacts a standard farm wool bale to a third of it’s original size.

The compacted bale dramatically improves the efficiency of bale handling, warehousing and containerisation. The end result is superior service with substantially reduced shipping costs to our clients. Pack-Tainers super density technology increases container capacity from 45 standard size farm bales up to 120 compacted wool bales or 21.5 MT (Worlds Best Practice) being able to be loaded in every TEU.

Super Density Compacting